The Lokayukta, Assam


In a case, in which public servant/functionary concerned is found to have committed an offence, recommendation/report is sent to the Government through the concerned Competent Authority for taking remedial measures. The Chief minister is the Competent Authority in case of a Minister, Secretary or Member of the Legislative Assembly and the Chief Secretary is the Competent Authority in case of any other public servant. If the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary do not act on the recommendation/report or fail to take adequate remedial measures, the Lokayukta or Upa-Lokayukta as the case may be, if not satisfied with the action taken report, may send Special Report to the Governor, who shall thereafter cause a copy thereof together with explanatory memorandum to be laid before the House of State Legislature.

Investigating Agency:

The Lokayukta or an Upa-Lokayukta may for the purpose of conducting investigation under this Act utilize the services of:

  1. any officer or investigating agency of the State or Central Government with the concurrence of that Government;
  2. any other person or agency

Who can file a complaint

Against whom complaints can be lodged

Against whom complaints can not be lodged

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